Faqs for ordinary users:

How can I post a death notice on Lastfarewell.org? 

Lastfarewell.org is website where the Funeral directors and burial agents are the ones posting the death-notices. However if your agent have not signed up with us, you send us an email by using our contact page. As we need some form of documentation to confirm the facts involved, we will contact you before the death-notice is published.

How much dies it cost to publish a death notice with subsequent burial detail on Lastfarewell.org? 

The price will vary depending on your burial agent. If you ask us to publish directly for you, the price will be £ 30.00 – (so far no vat apply.)

How do I pay when I want to publish on your site?

If you have a paypal account that will be the best, we will also soon have in place accepting payments made using Skrill

Faqs for funeral directors and burial agents: 

How can we use the lastfarewell.org ? 

After signing up for free, you will receive a user-name and password to access your free account. Upon logging in you can publish and edit death notices on behalf of your clients in a simple few step process.

What does it cost to use the lastfarewell.org site? 

Signing up and maintaining an account with us is free. You even get access to free advertising in our directory listing. For each death notice you post, we will charge a low sum to be invoiced on a monthly basis. The pricing is set at a low level so you can make a 100% mark-up when quoting the price to your clients.

 How do we get started? 

Just send us an email to info@larfarewell.org. You can also use our Contact page and type in your interest there. We will within short time get in touch with you and take you through simple steps to get started.